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Tax Collector
Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Daryn Cashin
Phone: 973-383-1817, ext. 14

Tax Assessor
Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Jason Laliker
Phone: 973-383-1817, ext. 13

Check Status of Taxes Online
Lafayette Township property owners may now check on line to see if their property tax payments are current. The web site is

Tax information can be accessed by using either your Block and Lot number, or your property location. If taxes are delinquent, the website automatically calculates interest for seven days.

An appeal form can be accessed through the County Tax Board website:

Property Taxes And Your Assessment

The Tax Assessor has no control over the tax rate or the taxes you pay.  Property taxes are a direct result of your assessment. The tax rate is a direct result of the County, School, and Municipal budgets. The tax rate is annually applied to each hundred of assessed value to determine your annual taxes.

If you disagree with your assessment, you have the right to file an appeal on or before April 1, of each year. However, you must prove your assessed value is incorrect and outside the common level range (Chapter 123). 

You cannot file an appeal of your taxes. You cannot compare assessments.

The way to prove market value is by SALES of similar properties;  they must be usable sales. Adjustments must be made for differences in square footage (gross living area), finished basements, number of bathrooms, etc. Once you have completed that evaluation, then you must see if your assessment falls within the common level range.

As to Zillow, or one of the companies that solicit tax appeals, be wary.  Zillow averages sales and non-usable sales can be included in that averaging.  Companies that solicit you requesting payment for information, provides you with public information that you can obtain online without payment. The Assessor’s office annually, in February, posts a list of all usable sales in the Township which can be considered by taxpayers. But again, you cannot file an appeal of your taxes but must prove your assessment is incorrect.

Tax Appeals

Taxpayers considering filing an appeal should first consult with the Tax Assessor. Contact Anna in the Assessor's office or email her for further information on filing an appeal.

A taxpayer does not file an appeal of his/her taxes but rather the assessment. Lafayette Township taxpayers who believe that their assessments are not reflective of true market value as of October 1st, of the pretax year (the assessing date) have the right to file an appeal with the Sussex County Board of Taxation on or before April 1st of the tax year. Review the brochure on tax appeals available from the tax office or online at the Division of Taxation website for an explanation of Chapter 123 ratio. A Petition of Appeal may be obtained from the Sussex County Tax Board located at 83 Spring Street Suite 301, Newton, NJ 07860 (973-579-0970 or downloaded from the Division of Taxation website.

Properties with an assessed value in excess of $750,000 may file an appeal directly to the Tax Court in Trenton. However, all property owners are urged to speak with the Tax Assessor to discuss their assessment prior to filing an appeal. The Tax Assessor represents Lafayette Township in all tax appeals before the Sussex County Tax Board.Usually appeals filed in the Tax Court of New Jersey require an outside expert appraiser be retained as it involves a lot of extra work to prepare for those appeals. The Assessor is required to ensure that assessments are equitable and that the municipality is not paying an unfair amount of county taxes.

Proper Preparation for Tax Appeal Hearings. A brochure by the NJ Division of Taxation.

Tax Forms

NJ Division of Taxation brochure explaining deductions and exemptions:
New Jersey Property Tax Benefits

Local Property Tax Forms:

List of Commonly used forms:
A-1 Appeal Form
V.S.S. Veterans Deduction and Supp. Form
P.T.D. Senior/Disabled Deduction (obtain income form from Tax Office)
FA-1 Application for Farmland Assessment

Foreclosure Assistance

The Department of Community Affairs and New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency recognize that many New Jersey families are currently going through or facing foreclosure. The State of New Jersey and the federal government provide a variety of programs to assist homeowners. Information about these programs is free.

About Foreclosure, First Steps:

Foreclosure Fast Facts in English:
Foreclosure Fast Facts in Spanish:

For more information on foreclosure relief programs, please call 1-800-NJ-HOUSE.

Tax Abatement Program

Lafayette Township has a Tax Abatement program for the construction of new commercial and industrial structures. If you are interested or know of anyone interested in new commercial or industrial development, please contact Jason Laliker, Tax Assessor at 973-383-1817 x13 or email
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